Coming Home

by Obsidian FX

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Wait for our next album - The Circle - is coming out this year!


released May 13, 2017

All music written by R.DarkArt
- Coming Home (written by R.DarkArt and D.Fox)
- Benediction (written by R.DarkArt and Deflexity)

All vocals and lyrics by D.Fox.

Mixed and mastered by R.DarkArt in Mirage Studio.

Album artwork by D.Fox




Obsidian FX Penza, Russia

Obsidian FX is the hi-tech laboratory specialized on paranormal activity. As we're living our lives so blind and deaf, there're a lot of unknown behind the curtain. Obsidian FX is watching, analyzing and recording this invisible matter around us to transform it into audiowaves, then encoding it into audiotracks that are prepared for listening right here on Bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: Voices
She wears her crown so deep down
She still makes noises in my head
I can't stop telling me this is catastrophy
I hear the voices in my head

Keep moving in this direction
Yes, it's the only option
The pearls lost in a mud
The Chaos is in your blood
All we were, all we are
All we will be
Is wrtitten in chapters on a lists
Of Apocalypse
Track Name: Coming Home
I'm coming home
I go where I belong
I'm coming home

I'm coming home
Nothing can stop me
Now I recall
All I left abandoned
Track Name: Benediction (feat Deflexity)
I feel them
I see them
I can hear them -
The nightmares
Are haunting my soul
They keep ripping my past
They say -

You caged yourself in hell
I brought myself for sacrificion
This time we face ourselves
Too late to wait for benediction

I feel her
I see her
I can hear her -
She said these words
She opened her soul
I can't take it